Helping People That Are Ready To Find Out Who They Are By Reading The Energy That Is Creating Their Life and Transforming Them.

Live A More Joyful Authentic Self

Your transformation begins with a personal spiritual energy reading and progresses through a platform I have developed from working with 100s of clients over 15 years.

You Are Ready For The First Step!

Your Reading Includes:

Physical Body

With an x-ray vision and help from the spirit, I will look into your physical body, including your bones, muscle, organs, and blood looking for any imbalances. This can be very beneficial if you're not quite sure what is going on with your health.


This can be very empowering!

Everything physically wrong with us has an emotional attachment connected to it! Learn what that is so you can transform the energy to create balance and heal your body.


Connecting With Your Loved Ones That Have Past will show evidence of who they are and will give you messages of love and encouragement. This can be very healing and leave you feeling lighter and more at peace.

Kind Words From My Clients

"Jessica is an incredibly gifted medium and I have recommended her services to many of my friends and family. All of whom have been deeply grateful for the healing and guidance that she provides through her work. She’s a vibrant and beautiful woman inside and out!"

About Your Coach - Jessica Bryant

Ever since I can remember I have seen things differently than most. I’ve seen the creepy shadow figures in the corner, the half invisible people walking the hallways, and visions of events before they happen. I also see the energy in, on, and around a person. This was normal to me but not always accepted by those around me. So I started keeping it to myself.

It wasn’t until in my thirties, after an illness put me in bed for a year, that I found my gift to be a gift. You see, when you deny a part of yourself, your body will become ill. I learned this first hand! I had manipulated the energies around me out of fear or acceptance for so long I was completely out of balance. Once I realized what I was doing, I not only healed myself but created a life I love and found my purpose!

Stop fighting your energies and let me help you understand them!

Are you ready to get empowered and feel more joy in your life?

Would you like to know the connection between your emotions and physical pain?

Are you looking to connect with loved ones that have passed and want closure or understanding?

How is your environment influencing you?

If you're tired of dealing with these problems...

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