All In The Energy - Mother's Day Special

My gift is not just for me, but for all those that ask me to use it and a few that don’t if you know what I mean. I can see, hear, and feel the spirit. I can see the energy in, on and around almost everything! I get visions like clips out of movies. Yes, I’m also an Empath! You put all of this together and it’s a lot of information about someone or a place. Yes, a place! Everything is energy and I believe that’s what I am seeing, the energy or frequencies of almost everything. Energy is what everything is made of and I understand this on another level.

Ever since I can remember I have seen things differently than most. I’ve  seen the creepy shadow figures in the corner, the half invisible people walking the hallways at friends houses, the visions of events happening before they did or just the knowing something before you were told, and seeing the energy in a person’s body. This was normal to me but not always accepted by those around me. So I started keeping it to myself.

It wasn’t until in my thirties, after an illness put me in bed for a year, that I found my gifts to be gifts. You see, when you deny a part of yourself, your body will become ill. I learned this first hand! I had manipulated the energies around me out of fear of acceptance for so long I was completely out of balance. Once I realized what I was doing, I not only took back my life but It opened a life full of Love, Joy, and Magic!

Stop fighting your energies and let me help you understand them!

Are you ready to get empowered and feel more joy in your life?

Would you like to know the connection between your emotion and physical pain?

Are you looking to connect with a loved one that has passed and wants closure or understanding?

How is your environment influencing you?

Call for your reading today!

Medical Intuitive Insights!

Are you looking for more of a physical healing? With an x-ray vision and help from spirit, I will look into your physical body, including your bones, muscle, organs, and blood looking for any imbalances. This can be very beneficial if you’re not quite sure what is going on with your health.  Also, I will give you some insights on what can help you feel fabulous!

Home investigation!

The energies space holds, whether it is land, a home, or a room can influence you greatly. The energies can be beautiful or they can be ugly. Whatever it holds can be very important to your health and well-being. Let me investigate your space to reveal its story. A happy home is a happy family!

Emotional Intuitive Readings

Let’s take a deeper look at what your emotional body is saying? This can be very empowering! Sometimes we don’t realize what still needs healing. Also in this reading, I will see your patterns or beliefs that may not be serving you but are holding you back from growth or happiness. Let”s reflect and take some action!

Ultimate Combo Reading

This is the ultimate combo of reading mind, body, and spirit!  In this reading, I will combine the physical reading and emotional reading and then receive messages from your loved ones that have passed. They will give evidence of who they are and talk about where they may have a concern and what may help. But most importantly they want you to know how proud of they are of you and how much they love you.There is so much information in this reading it can be mind blowing!

I believe we are very powerful beings and the awareness of what is going on in our energies is key to our evolution in ourselves.

Let me help you by playing in your energies and unveil your true self! You have all the answers you are seeking within you and sometimes you just need a little help finding them.